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Whether it was played on eight-track, vinyl, cassette or CD – or all of the above! – some bands and artists created rock music that will live forever.

105.5 Rocket plays a wide variety of classic rock from the ‘70s, 80s and early ‘90s that includes the harder cuts. Here is a sampling of the legendary bands and artists you’ll hear on 105.5 Rocket.

AC/DC Aerosmith Boston David Bowie Eric Clapton Def Leppard Dio Fleetwood Mac Guns N’ Roses Heart Jimi Hendrix  Janis Joplin Journey The Kinks KISS Led Zeppelin Lynard Skynard Motley Crue Nirvana Ozzy Osbourne Pearl Jam Tom Petty Pink Floyd Queen The Rolling Stones Rush Bruce Springsteen Tesla U2 Van Halen Neil Young ZZ Top

This list of classic rock bands and artists goes on and on, so stay tuned to 105.5 Rocket to listen to them all!